Welcome to the Sargent Group

In our work and our team we unite chemistry, physics, and engineering within eight experimental laboratories at the University of Toronto.

Our mission is to:

  • advance the physics and chemistry of optoelectronic materials and devices, and to apply this knowledge to solve real-world problems in sustainable energy, sensing and medical diagnostics;
  • contribute to the preservation of the natural environment and to the advancement of information technology, human health, and the vibrancy and growth of the innovation economy;
  • collaborate with academic and industry experts around the world to maximize the impact of our work;
  • equip our group members with the vision and the tools to make a significant impact in the fields to which their passions take them, and our alumni with a tightly-woven, supportive, and straight-talking network of committed friends and collaborators for life;
  • work towards these goals by attracting a diverse and inclusive team of researchers from all relevant disciplines, from around the world;
  • foster a culture of win-win teamwork; of communication that clarifies and finds analogies, connections, synergies, and new avenues; and of striving for excellence.                
  • Research


    We apply discoveries in nanoscience towards applications relevant to energy, health, and sensing.

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  • Publications


    Our group publishes in prominent journals in the field of nanotechnology, chemistry and materials science.

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  • Team


    Our group members come from diverse backgrounds spanning chemistry, physics and engineering.

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